For Taiwo Oladokun aka MrLtee, a Clinical Scientist (Neurophysiologist). is passion for music bubbles in spite of his professional training. Graduating from Middlesex University, London, he got involved in music competitions in Peterborough and Cambridge and soon gained reputation as a Nigerian Clinical Physiologist who raps and sings. He emerged in the UK music scene in 2005. He began performing as a member of a church choir, demonstrating his vocal ability with RnB rap music and Youruba influences with his own original twist. He is currently number one on Reverbnation Cambridge world Chart. 

The brand new EP, MY TIME  consists of ‘MELODY, LOVE OVERLOAD and BODY BAD’ has proven that MrLtee, is no music pushover. ' Melody' was debuted on BBC Music Introducing in Cambridgeshire, on  Saturday 9th February 2019.  The singer's works were produced by OY productions, who is known in the Nigerian and UK music industry for his productions for music stars like SONA. The music video for Love Overload was shot in the UK on Sunday, January 27, 2019 and directed by Sean Sheridan. 

MrLtee still could not suppress his love for music.  Going down memory lane, the practising Clinical Scientist at Neurophys Ltd, in Cambridge, says it was a tough call, trying to win the blessings of his parents.  “They were shocked when I started showing an interest in music, while I was still in at college. Their fear was that I would jettison my studies and they made it known to me without mincing words that they would not support the idea. But my passion for music is greater than my parents’ aspiration for me. I however assured them that I would not give room for my music career to affect my education, and they eventually gave in, albeit, reluctantly,” he says.

According to him, he draws a lot of inspiration from the old generation of Nigerian artistes like Chief Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade while also gaining a lot of influence from UB40 and late Michael Jackson in spite of singing afrobeat music; “The younger generation of Nigerian artistes has a lot of things to learn from Nigerian music legends. I believe we can continually put Nigeria on the world map by drawing inspiration from our culture and bringing to fore its uniqueness through our music”, he said.